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Welcome to Lifeline Glen Burnie

As your community’s pharmacy we offer personalized customer care, with your wellness and safety always in mind. We strive to make sure the quality and affordability of our products and services reflects the important responsibility of your healthcare. Whether that means staying after closing to make sure you get your critically needed prescription or staying on the line with your doctor’s office for as long as it takes to switch your medication to one covered by your insurance.

Our pharmacists and technicians understand how navigating the healthcare system can sometimes feel cold and confusing. They want to know you by name and genuinely care about your wellbeing, so please stop by soon to meet us.

Your Partner in Healthcare

The staff and ownership of Lifeline Glen Burnie also recognizes that the community we sit in is diverse: in ethnicity and language, but also in nationality, ability, educational background, working status, veteran status, and religious beliefs, among others. Know that we embrace all and see you, each of our patients, as unique and valuable neighbors.

We are pharmacists with a vision— for excellent customer service, but also for greater social good. We are your friendly, neighborhood pharmacy but we also strive to be a company that values healthcare accessibility, cultural inclusivity, and community empowerment.

Lifeline Glen Burnie Pharmacy

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Glen Burnie, MD 21061
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M-Th: 9am to 6pm
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